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Program size 2 mega to repair all Windows xp problems, 7,8.1,10 click of a button!

All those who have spent several years in the field of informatics know very well that the computers is the maintenance of the inevitable special Windows system, and that you have the required tools is
also vital to detect and fix problems in the operating system or even hardware. Availability of these tools on your computer and upload them individually is difficult, for this there are many programs that offer you several tools in one place, so you can easily access and repair computer problems without trouble.

Everyone knows the famous repair Windows problems haarenz disc, but the disc is probably out of date by the time of the other alternatives in this area, which will bring you all the important tools to fix Windows in one place, most notably the "Windows Repair Toolbox" program.

Windows Repair Toolbox is a small-sized program comes a set of tools and commands and programs that will help you in solving most of the problems and errors in the computer system, whether Windows XP, 7.8 0.10. The program does not exceed 2 megabytes in size, it allows you to download and access to the latest versions of Windows in their own reform programs.

Of course program provides you with many different tools depending on your needs, it can repair the problems related to viruses, Altroyjonat .. also the possibility of repairing hard drives and solving its problems, with the possibility of deleting stubborn roots programs, update all the programs on your computer  important information in your computer , as knowing the hard drive, memory, processor ...

How to use the program:
All you have to do to is click on the desired tool, and wait until the program is downloaded and run them at all, then you work for the solution of the problem suffered by the computer, The program is divided into six sections, section first special Balhardoar, the second task of the tools, and also fix Windows problems Programs and then a special section to retrieve files and so on, in addition to section includes task orders usually need and that you can Tidh for a way "CMD" finally, a special department to deal with programs and files that eludes the deletion.

The beauty of this program is that it allows you to free software only small-scale, where you will notice the speed of loading and running, in addition of course to follow to the latest versions of those programs.

Program size 2 mega to repair all Windows xp problems, 7,8.1,10 click of a button! Reviewed by Omar aladwan on 2:28:00 PM Rating: 5


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